At Granite Escrow & Settlement Services, we recognize good customer service is fundamental to our business. Our Consumer Complaint Policy is structured to enhance customer relations while respecting our customers' views. It is our policy to give all consumer complaints courteous and fair attention; to handle all consumer complaints with care and respect; and to resolve matters promptly and, when applicable, within regulatory requirements.

When a consumer complaint arises, it is our object to:

  1. Promote the delivery of high-quality services
  2. Listen to the views of consumers
  3. Respect the consumers at all times
  4. Respond to the consumer's individual needs
  5. Ensure staff members interact courteously at all times
  6. Provide clear information about our provided services

While not every complaint will be the responsibility of Granite Escrow & Settlement Services, we remain dedicated to pursuing a resolution for each complaint that is preferable and acceptable to the consumer and the company. We recognize that mistakes may be made and we are committed to handle all complaints seriously and with sensitivity, allowing proper redress when appropriate.

As such, we have established a written Complaint Response Process in accordance with ALTA Best Practice #7 and EIC's Policy & Procedure #6.

Granite Escrow & Settlement Services Complaint Response Process

All Granite Escrow & Settlement Services employees will be sensitive to the idea that consumers may make a complaint in a variety of ways, including phone calls, voice mail, e-mail, or regular mail. If an employee sees or hears something that looks or sounds like a complaint, the employee is required to fill out a “Complaint Intake Form”. Any documents relative to or evidencing a complaint shall be submitted to the Granite Escrow & Settlement Services Compliance Officer along with the Complaint Intake Form as soon as possible, but in no event later than before the end of the business day.

Upon receipt of a complaint, our Compliance Officer will investigate to determine the validity of the complaint, any mitigating factors, and the best solution. The determination of the best solution may involve others within Granite Escrow & Settlement Services. Our Compliance Officer is responsible to either handle the resolution of the complaint directly or ask our Company Attorney to resolve the complaint. The consumer will be contacted for acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint and to obtain additional information regarding the complaint, if necessary. Thereafter, status updates will be made to the consumer every 3 business days until resolution is obtained, as warranted. Upon resolution of the complaint, our Compliance Officer will complete the Complaint Intake Form and will maintain a copy for a minimum of 5 years from the date of resolution of the complaint.

Complaint Response Timeline

Granite Escrow & Settlement Services has established the following timeline for responding to complaints:

Customer complaint received Start of Complaint Response Process
Complaint Intake Form is filled out By the end of the business day
Complaint Intake Form is delivered to Compliance Officer By the end of the business day
Consumer is contacted for acknowledgment of receipt of complaint and/or to obtain additional information By the end of the 2nd day
Status update is made to Consumer If the complaint is not resolvable within 3 additional business days By the end of the 5th business day
Status update every 3rd business day thereafter By the end of the 8th business day and subsequent days until the complaint is resolved
Complaint Intake Form is completed and a copy is maintained by Compliance Officer for a minimum of five years from the date of resolution of the complaint At resolution of the complaint

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