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Our Team

Granite's motto is "Our strength is in Our People" and has carefully selected the most experienced & professional escrow officers in the business.

"We guide our clients through a monumental life change and safeguard their greatest assets."

- Brad Cohen, President & CEO

Granite Escrow & Settlement Services

Granite Escrow & Settlement Services (GESS) is a California Corporation formed in 2009, which operates as an independent escrow company under the laws of the State of California licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight and a member of the Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation.

Granite's wealth of experience and knowledge is your assurance of a smooth closing. Granite acts as a neutral third party following the instructions of both the buyer and seller and keeping track of all details. Granite exhibits excellence, efficiency and accuracy in every transaction.

Operating at the Highest Level of Security

Granite is proud to be one of only a select few Escrow & Settlement companies in the US to have undergone the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) SSAE 18 audit and has successfully received both the prestigious SOC 1 type 2 attestation based on the American Land Title Association® (ALTA®) Best Practices Framework and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) requirements and the SOC 2 type 2 Trust Service Criteria , assuring our clients of the highest standards In complying with data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

Granite Escrow

Our Culture

Granite Escrow was formed on the basic principle to do one thing and do it exceptionally well; to provide first class service to real estate professionals throughout California.

Client Reviews

Paul M.

via Yelp

Jenna Dannelley and Julie Parker just joined this company, I am a real estate sales agent and have been using this team for years. They are not only a delight to work with, I cannot think of a more thorough team, including weekends that will work with you, especially problem solving anything that may arise, and there are things that come up in this process. If I could give them a 10 star review I would 🙂

Anthony Maggio

via Google

Working with Tami Darling was an absolute pleasure and helped our loan process go as smooth as possible. She is always very responsive and I would recommend her services to anyone handling real estate transactions.

Jonathan Z.

via Yelp

I am in the middle of an escrow from hell and wanted to take the time out to write a review about how AMAZING Amie Won has been. I've used her before on a few escrows, but never really appreciated how hard she works for her clients. She really has my best interest at heart and takes the time to make me feel like my escrow is the most important one. I will only be using Amie and granite escrow for all future deals and I highly recommend everyone else do so as well. Thank you again Amie for your honesty, expertise and really going the extra mile. 

Nema V.

via Yelp

I had a really great experience with Amie.  She was responsive, nice, informative -- all of the things I assume you want when going through Escrow.  I went to her office to sign docs, she made that process pretty easy.  Overall, for having gone through my first home sale, there were several times that I was thankful to have Amie on board.

Paula P.

via Yelp

Amie Won and her team were true professionals in every respect. They moved our escrow along efficiently and explained everything along the way.  Amie responded to all my questions (even on Saturday!).  I would definitely recommend Granite Escrow!

Carlie Y.

via Yelp

I've worked with Amie for several years now on multiple transactions.  She is diligent, provides great service and really understands the intricacies of complex transactions that we undertake. I've never been disappointed with her and recommend her services to my clients and investors.

James C.

via Yelp

I've been working with Granite Escrow Beverly Hills for years. Amie has been my go to Escrow Officer for good reason. She's always available for me and definitely has extensive knowledge in her field. She treated my clients with care and executed the transaction flawlessly.  I would gladly recommend Amie Won to anyone looking for a professional, knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated escrow officer.

Renee W.

via Yelp

Granite Escrow is an incredibly client-friendly escrow business.  I recommend them to all of my clients because of their personable, customers-first attitude.

James H.

via Yelp

Amie Won of Granite escrow was superb in our multifamily deal. She kept everything running smoothly with no hiccups until close. My clients were very pleased with her level of service. Highly recommended!

Andy Cruz

via Facebook

Granite Escrow! Closing my most recent refinance like it was a piece of cake. Jennifer and Shari working along with my clients + internal staff - Knocked this out with ease. What I liked best is that we were all on the same page the whole time. No guessing about next steps, who does what, when will this close, etc...ALL parts were clear, professional, and handled with great care. You really made this easy, so more are coming!

Rachel G.

via Yelp

We had a fantastic experience. The process was smooth and quick and Amie was easy to work with.

Dany V.

via Yelp

My experience with Granite Escrow is only as a vendor who provides mobile notary services,  having said that I feel that they provide great service to their clients ; they are quick and efficient in paying for my services and their loan documents seem to be accurate and printed up on time.   Cheryl , Teri and Amie are escrow officers that I have worked with and they all do a great job !

Jason S.

via Yelp

Heidi was absolutely incredible from start to finish.  Super knowledgeable, always available, and made the process remarkably easy.  Thank you, Heidi!

Brenda M.

via Yelp

I love Granite - Tami & Heidi & Cory are all awesome & so great to work with.  I sell about 20 - 25 properties per year in Corona del Mar and Newport and am always beyond ecstatic when our Escrow company is Granite.  They are responsive and on it - very customer service-oriented.  I've read the poor reviews and they are all very old - I actually had a bad experience myself years ago with an Escrow Officer there that's long gone, so I understand, but things have definitely changed for the better.  Much better.  Tami actually saved a deal when the other agent went off the deep end, and I've always been grateful for that.   I truly enjoy working with all of them and look forward to many more smooth transactions!

Eric H.

via Yelp

Working with Cory and Julie at Granite Escrow was a dream come true!! Their communication was amazing! They are experts at planning ahead and anticipating the next step in the process! Truly amazing to work with there team, I look forward to many many more transactions to come!! Keep up the good work!!

Scott T.

via Yelp

As a Realtor who relies on escrow services to ensure a smooth transaction, I can say without any question that John Song at Granite is THE BEST escrow officer in the business. John is organized, professional, and extremely thoughtful. Furthermore, the company is a 3rd party unaffiliated company, which is important to many of our clients. I can't recommend them highly enough. Thanks John for your continued excellent service!!

Jason S.

via Yelp

Having worked with Granite Escrow, and specifically escrow officer Amie Won, on numerous transactions, I have been extremely satisfied with her service, professionalism, and attention to detail. Amie's commitment and work ethic has lead to a valued partnership with our company and her. I highly recommend Granite Escrow for your transaction needs.

Terri Pontzious

via Facebook

Love working with Granite Escrow! Great service, great people, absolutely the best!

Cynthia Nordskog

via Facebook

Granite escrow is professional, dedicated and on task. I highly recommend them for any escrow services.

Dave L.

via Yelp

I'm a real estate developer and was referred to Amie from one of my brokers that we needed escrow services. I've only worked with Amie at Granite, so I can't speak to the rest of the office, but she has been the best and always goes above and beyond to make sure everything is tracking to close without hiccups. We've probably done around a dozen transactions and they've all gone smoothly and quickly. One of the buying agents on a transaction even commented on how good she was and I think she uses Granite as well now, too.

El R.

via Yelp

We just closed escrow and this company has been amazing!!!! I've dealt with few other companies who were simply ineffective. I worked with a pleasant woman named Amie Won and she was just so professional, efficient, and most importantly she gets it! She had all my documents on a timely manner and helped us close escrow the best way possible!! I highly recommend Granite escrow to everyone and plan on working with Amie in the future!! Thanks again guys!!

Nina C.

via Yelp

AMIE WON is the best! Had the best experience with her! Super professional and goes above and beyond for her clients! I've referred her many colleagues from my agency and all have had only positive feedback!

Gerry M.

via Yelp

Granite Escrow in Beverly Hills is my go-to escrow services company. I'm a real estate broker and have worked with escrow officer Cory Schwab for almost 10 years. They are thorough and professional. When I get to choose escrow for my clients and the sale of their properties, there is never a question of which escrow company to call. Granite Escrow. Just my opinion, but it's obvious to me that some of the more "colorful" reviews here smack of competition planting fake reviews. Do the research. Granite is top notch. #escrow #realestate #beverlyhills

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