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Holding Escrows

In addition to our traditional real estate escrow services, Granite Escrow & Settlement Services handles Holding Escrows – which are any form of escrow that doesn’t involve real estate.

Arwen Estelle is a Certified Senior Escrow Officer/Certified Bulk Sale Specialist with over 40 years of experience in escrow and is familiar with all forms of Holding Escrows, including holdbacks on real estate transactions and sales including - but not limited to – yachts, airplanes and personal property.

With projects all over the country – and ranging in size up to $1 Billion, we facilitate Holding Escrows nationwide, regardless of the location or size of the transaction.

Our services include all the services of an escrow agent, including:

  • Setting up the escrow account for the project
  • Preparing the escrow paperwork
  • Receiving funds and releasing them in accordance with the instructions in the escrow agreement
  • Issuing receipts and confirmation of funds letters
  • And MORE

Granite Escrow has a long and trusted history with many financial institutions and we have the ability and authority to receive and quickly disburse large sums in a single transaction.  We also use the most secure and state-of-the-art systems and procedures – including Artificial Intelligence (AI) – to ensure all funds are highly secure and protected.  We also have checks and balances in place for every step of the wiring process.

For inquires about our Holding Escrows, contact Arwen at [email protected].