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EB-5 Transactions & Paymaster Services

In addition to our traditional real estate escrow services, Granite Escrow & Settlement Services handles Holding Escrows – which are any form of escrow that doesn’t involve real estate.  We also specialize in EB-5 Transactions and Paymaster Services.

Our Chief Legal Officer/General Counsel Beverley Woolf handles all of our EB-5 Transactions and all forms of Holding Escrows, including holdbacks on real estate transactions and sales including – but not limited to – yachts, airplanes, and personal property.

With projects all over the country – and ranging in size up to $1 Billion, we facilitate Holding Escrows nationwide, regardless of the location or size of the transaction.

Our General Counsel, Karen Anapoell, serves as our Paymaster.  She is a licensed attorney and member of the State Bar of California who personally drafts each Paymaster and Sub-Fee Protection Agreement and handles ALL OVERSIGHT of the entire transaction – support staff NEVER handles these transactions.

Our services include all the services of an escrow agent, including:

  • Setting up the escrow account for the project
  • Preparing the escrow paperwork
  • Receiving funds and releasing them in accordance with the instructions in the escrow agreement
  • Issuing receipts and confirmation of funds letters
  • And MORE

Granite Escrow has a long and trusted history with many financial institutions and we have the ability and authority to receive and quickly disburse large sums in a single transaction.  We also use the most secure and state-of-the-art systems and procedures – including Artificial Intelligence (AI) – to ensure all funds are highly secure and protected.  We also have checks and balances in place for every step of the wiring process.

For inquires about our EB-5, Holding Escrows, contact Beverley at [email protected].  For inquires about or Paymaster Services, contact Karen at [email protected].  Both Beverley and Karen can also be reached at 949-720-0110.