Will Retail Stores Become Extinct?

retail stores

e-commerce for many years was an interesting trend, but it was just e-commerce. Today we don’t even know what e-commerce means. They’ve just come together, the on and the offline. Now, every merchant, every retailer must have an omnichannel strategy or they won’t survive. omnichannel is often used as the catch-all phrase as a key to succeed in…

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Boomers and millennials will continue to heavily influence retail.

boomers and millenials

The needs and preferences of two prominent generations will continue to drive retail. baby boomers and millennials. a large number of boomers will be in their 60s and 70s next year, and retailers that cater to these consumers would need to adjust to make shopping easier for them. As consulting firm PwC noted, “the Baby Boomer generation…

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