Encryption 101: The Basics

Encryption 101

The need for encryption and stringent security is at an all-time high, with advancements in tech comes increased risks to individuals; encryption is needed on all fronts. Encryption is not part of the innovation wave as encryption dates back to ancient times. The Romans and Greeks would send confidential and coded messages substituting letters only…

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Ho, Ho, Ho, Hold onto these Holiday Tips!

holiday cyber criminals

It’s that time of year again, holiday shopping has begun! Everyone is looking for those unique gifts, hot toys, and discounted electronics. Whether it is a hard-to-find toy for kids or the latest 4K smart TV. Black Friday sales seldom fail to pique the interests of even the most casual shoppers. Yet, even after the…

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How important is Employee Cyber Education in the war on Cybercrime?

Security Awareness

The Maginot Line was a line of concrete fortifications, obstacles and weapons installations that France constructed along its borders with Germany in the 1930s. This costly barrier was resistant to most forms of attack yet the barrier only protected a specific part of France. The French thought they understood the shape of the German threat,…

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Understanding the Risks of Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency was invented in the late 1990’s yet coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have only existed for merely a decade. Despite Bitcoin being the early front runner in the crypto world, there had been plenty of attempts at creating a centralized online currency with specific ledgers protected by encryptions. When Bitcoin took the…

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The Basics: Cyber Security 101

cyber security

Are you vulnerable to a Cyber-Attack? As technology continues to evolve, so do the many methods used to employ technology for illegal purposes. Successful hackers are clever and innovative. In order for a hacker to remain successful, they must constantly switch their tactics up to combat with improved security protocols. Nearly all the crime that…

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Granite Escrow Closes Record Setting Playboy Mansion

playboy mansion

BEVERLY HILLS, CA (August 17, 2016) – Granite Escrow & Settlement Services, one of the largest truly independent escrow & settlement companies in California, is pleased to announce that it has successfully closed escrow on the historic Playboy Mansion. Granite Escrow handled this transaction out of its Beverly Hills branch location. This is not a…

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